1000 Survival Gardens (SG) Project update
submitted by Gary Dawyduk, July 2021
The project is really hitting its stride with 35 kits delivered since the June report, bringing the total to 260 total kits having reached happy families.  As usual, RC Hillcrest has provided their invaluable assistance in co-ordinating the deliveries, with the latest sent to beneficiaries in the Kwa-Zulu Natal (KZN) province with the cooperation of local NGOs Umgibe Farming Organics and Project Zero2Five.    
The recent social and economic crisis reported in the world news media have caused significant logistics challenges in the KZN region.  Thankfully this situation appears to be settling and we are hopeful to continue apace very soon.  During this crisis we have been in touch with one of our beneficiary communities who have reported that the SG kits are now more valuable than ever given the that food supply chains are anticipated to be further disrupted in the short term as a result of the crisis.
The project has just passed its first anniversary and, with current planning and commitments, we will be closing in on reaching half of our goal with approximately 200 more SG kits slated for delivery in the coming months.  As the success of the project grows, so does the demand with over 300 further applications having been received.

In dollar terms, each SG kit costs CDN$250.00, translating into approximately $112,500 thus far having been raised by the SG committee.  To fulfill our goal of 1000 SG kits, a further $137,500 will need to be raised and the target is to reach this by the end of June 2022.  However, the pace of the project's development and corresponding demand suggests that we may exceed and continue well beyond our set goal.

Our committee's fundraising efforts have encouraged Rotary Clubs to think in terms of donating as many SG kits as they see fit and this approach has resonated with the majority of kits being donated by multiple Rotary Clubs, dozens of individual Club members, and Districts throughout Canada.
May 2021
Greetings, friends and supporters of our projects in South Africa. I hope you are all keeping well and staying safe.
Update May 2021
It is time, once again, for my annual update. How the years have flown by! It seems just a few years ago that, with your support, we joined in the creation of the then “Makaphutu”, now iKhethelo Children’s Village in the Valley of Thousand Hills, South Africa, which took in AIDS orphans and vulnerable children. A few years ago I reported that we had the joy and privilege of meeting the first 2 high school graduates from iKhethelo. Now I can happily tell you that we have many post-secondary graduates who are gainfully involved in various fields of employment. In addition, the Village has become a source of support for the surrounding villages, growing community gardens with them, providing holiday camps for the children and serving as a resource centre for people who have no access to technology, etc.

In the past year we completed another Global Grant project bringing a permanent source of clean water to a neighbouring children’s village as we did at iKhethelo about 5 years ago.
In addition, COVID challenged us to come up with solutions to the serious issue of food shortages in the remote villages. After dabbling in short-term solutions for a few months, we decided to take the lead from the Grannies who were encouraging their fellow grandmothers to grow community gardens as a long term solution. Thus was born our current exciting “1000 Survival Gardens” project for which your kind contributions have enabled us to make an excellent start. We are closing in on delivering over 350 of these SG kits and we would like to reach our goal of 1000 within the next 12 months.
Similarly, we have also started another Global Grant in a village that will combine the sourcing of water along with the development of homestead and One of the many families who have received Survival Garden kits
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela
commercial gardens that will allow for long term self-sufficiency and food security.
As a special treat this year, we are inviting you to register for a virtual presentation via Zoom on this coming June 21st, that will allow you to hear from people involved in carrying out the three projects mentioned above.
Please see the information in the attachment for more details. This will be an excellent opportunity for you, our stalwart friends and supporters, to connect directly with those who are ensuring your donations change the lives of their beneficiaries. We look forward to seeing you there!
Thank you so much for staying the course with us over so many years. You are continuing to help us make a difference.
With sincere gratitude,